Escape from the Warlock

December Escape

Jaunmoku Castle

Betty's Room Escape

Trollface Quest

Ice Cream Parlor Escape 2

Dassyutu 66 - Puzzle 1 Escape : Fever

Mystery Wind Escape

Mystery Rail Train

Wizards Temple

Water Temple 5

Water Temple 4

Water Temple 3

Water Temple 2

Unearth 4

Unearth 3

Unearth 2


Buuka of Southern Island - Episode 3 : Sleepless

Room With Bath Escape

Composer Mystery

Lavender Room Escape

Gathe Escape - New Year Party

Hechizo Escape

Kaitai Dismantlement 16 - Chapter A Lunch Box 2

Turquoise Sky

Novel Room Escape

Magical Help From Above

Mougle Ship Escape

New Year 2012 Escape

Where is 2012?

After Angry Bears

The Compound

The Case File 1

My Second Christmas Escape

Scary Escape

Scared Night Escape

Save The Frog

Robot Weapon

Puzzle Trap 5

Puzzle Trap 4

Puzzle Trap 3

Puzzle Trap 2

Pastel House Escape

My Precious Morning

Mess Escape

Deretaraano Escape

William and Sly

Guest Room Escape

Welcome 2012 HS

Medieval Escape 12

Medieval Escape 1

Medieval Escape 11

Medieval Escape 10

Medieval Escape 2

Medieval Escape 13


White Room Escape

Escape Game 01

Chilling Out Room Escape

Kevin Escape

The 12 Days of Christmas

New Year 2012

Robot in the City 1: Buy a Comic Book


Juego de escape no 1- Lab Complex

Kids Escape 2

Kids Escape

Illusion Escape

Hidden Alphabet Dragon

Haunted Crypt Escape 5 - The Rolling Stone

Haunted Crypt Escape 4 - The Dark Tunnel

Haunted Crypt Escape 3 - The Red Skull

Haunted Crypt Escape 2 - The Wall

Haunted Crypt Escape 1 - The Beginning

Happy Old Miner

Hamster Escape

Halloween Escape Final

Halloween Escape 5

Halloween Escape 4

Halloween Escape 3

Halloween Escape 2

Halloween Escape 1

Gold Mine Escape

Forsaken Escape

Flowers Escape

Fireplace Escape

Escape the Tree House 5

Escape the Tree House 4

Escape the Tree House 3

Escape the Tree House 2

Escape the Tree House 1

Escape The Farm 1

Escape from the Mayan City

Escape Game 2009

Escape From The Bunker

Escape Brownstone

Egypt Escape


Bride's Escape

Bizarre House Escape

Barnacle Bay Escape

Art Escape

Antique Escape

Another Living Room Escape

Another Halloween Escape

Another Bathroom Escape

Another Bathroom Escape 2

Ancient Coins Escape


Alien Ship Escape 1

Adventure Pirates 1

Santa House Escape

Dassyutu 65: Puzzle 1 Escape - Alone

Santa Toy Factory Escape

The Wok

Penguins' Invitation

Escape from the Balcony

Santa Christmas Eve Escape

Duendes in Christamas 2

Love's Cadence

Escape from Party Room

Find The Head

Christmas Eve Magic

Pink Christmas Room Escape

Find Dwarfs in Christmas

Christmas Gifts HN

Big Santa 5 Differences

Trapped in the Christmas Tree Farm

The Legend of Pandora

Christmas Secret


Christmas Numbscape

Bubble Room

X-Mas Eve Escape

Gathe Escape - Christmas Eve

Christmas Escape

Escape in Okinawa 2

Cristmas Story 5 Differences

Hidden Mouse

Christmas 2011 Hidden Objects 2

Playroom 2

Final Preparations

Kids Room

Elf House Escape

Christmas Cabin Escape

Puzzling Escape


Not Escape From Room - Christmas Version

Bart Simpson Island Escape

Santa's Helpers

Igloo Escape 1

Christmas Toy

Reindeer HS

Escape from Family Room

Distress Of Christmas Customs

Seaside Room Escape

Christmas Party

Escape For Christmas Party

Rainbow No title Room Escape

Dassyutu 64 - Path of humming

Merry Christmas 5 Differences

The Hermit Room Escape

Cinderella - Stage 12: Alien World

Christmas Mouse

Treasure Hunt - Christmas Tree

Snow Cave Christmas Escape

The Village Of Snowman

Mischevious A.C.A. - A Christmas Adventure

Warm Christmas Room Escape

Hiragana Escape

DigiWoog Disaster

Oracle of Advent

Rulumomo - Escape Game 6

Animal Shelter Escape 2

Shibitoshibari Escape

Chicka Episode 4

Max Strong Private Investigator

Christmas Celebration HN

Christmas 2011 Differences 2

Pixel Quest: The Lost Idols

Art Critic Secret

Yumi Room Escape

Vintage TV Room Escape

Gathe Escape - Toy Christmas

Myosotis: Chapter 1

The Mysterious Island 49

Eerie Living Room Escape

Jinx's X-mas Adventure

Forgotten Post Office

Computer Toilet Room Escape

The Magic Teacher

Russian New Year

X-mas Tree Room Escape

Christmas Numbers

Pretty Birds Quest

Escape 5 Purple Room


Fantasy Snowman HS

Sneaky's Crusade 7

Nurse Quest: Love Hurts

Pediaphobic Escape

Escape the Cold

Strange Planet Escape

Lielpils Castle: part 2

Kotorinosu Escape - Matryoshka

Escape World Chapter 5: The Garden

Escape World Chapter 6: Storage

Robot Mom

Tectonic Cave Escape

Refugee: The Great Escape

Escape 3D: The Rooms

Highway Motel Escape

Magic Christmas

Return to Jaunmoku Castle

Episode 002

Anniversary Romance Escape

Messy Bedroom - Hidden Objects

Elevator Escape 3

College Mysteries

Film Critic Mystery

Photoshoot Room Escape

Gathe Escape - Museum

Escape from Kids Club

Asylum V

Baseball Room

The Visitor Returns

Local Bar Escape


Tulula: Legend of Volcano

White Room Escape

Sugar, Sugar: The Christmas Special

Escape the Room with Snowman

Cherry New Year 5 Differences

Sugar, Sugar

Black And White Enigma

Hatsune Miku Room Escape

Voodoo Chronicles: The First Sign

Fish Owner's Room

Escape This House

Mini Bomb Escape

Stylish Living Room Escape

Sneak Thief 4: Fourth Find

Escape the Ice Room



Colored Code Escape

Escape From Ninja House

Room Flag

Ocean Around Me Week 1

Big Island Escape

Black And White Escape

Room Escape

3 Doors Escape

The Office Escape

Friends Room Escape

Escape Mexican Beach

Sneaky's Travels 7

Clocks Secret

Gathe Escape - Haunted House

Escape from Orthopedics Hospital

Small Room - Simple Escape 4

Must Escape - Factory

Sneaky's Travels 6

Escape from Friend Room - Chapter Christmas