Blue Bathroom Escape

Outside Puzzle Escape

Hidden Dragonfly

School Room Escape

Lion Hearted Escape

Bad Memory Escape 7

Sugar, Sugar

Hidden Animals-Palace

Room Escape-Ladies Gym

Monster Basement Escape

Small Room: Simple Escape 3

A Pirates Revenge

Reisen Episode 2

Crazy Hangover

Chicka Episode 1

One Wall Simple Escape 11

Tribal Prison Escape

The Green Hornet - Find the Numbers

Escape from the Laundromat aka Laundry Escape 2

Must Escape The Castle

Farmhouse Secret

Naughty Room Escape - 2

Puffy Treasure Island

Relic Hunter - The Golden Cross


Slaria Game

Pimp's Quest

Escape DoliDoli House

Lake Puzzle Escape

The Great Bedroom Escape

Maverie The Mad Scientist

Hidden Spider

Chinese Room Escape

Hidden Animals

Sweet Room

The Great Basement Escape

Jan's Room 3

The Treasure of Betucant

The Squirrel Escape

Legends of Hiro

Simpsons Home Interactive

Pirates and Treasure

GH Escape 4

River Game


Which Way Adventure

Cowboys and Chinamen

Game 04 Coin Searching Escape 2

Daily Escape 3

Happy Puzzle Escape

Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Escape - SSSG Escape

Super Sneaky Spy Guy - 10 Rooms - SSSG 10

Game 05

Colony Odyssey

Kotorinosu Mini Escape

Room Escape – TV Room


Vent Escape

Ruhuna Tea Room Escape

Yacht Puzzle Escape

Lady Baba

R's Attack - Hajimari's Cards

Indiana Jones and the Sacred Fortune

Sniper Hunter 2

Wild West House Escape

Escape Artist

Mystery Hotel Escape

Kilitli Kapının Esrarı

Reisen Episode 1

Wine Cellar Escape

Basement Lounge Escape

Escape from Alehouse

Furavie 2

Old Castle Mystery

Repair Room Escape


Cemetery Escape

One Wall Simple Escape 10


Hidden Stars-Fairies 2

Season of the Witch - Find the Alphabets

Steal Crown and Escape Remake

Sagrario's Room Escape

Lilith - It's Valentines Day


Lonely Island Escape

Hidden Snail

Escape from Tavern

Emma - It's Valentines Day

Room Perfection 2

Tetsuo in the Room 2

Puzzle.Bz - Room Escape

Escape at Rune Factory

Wooden Puzzle Escape

Mistery Escape

Kosumosu Room Escape

Oshiire Escape

Hidden Alphabets - Sunset

Suzuki Escape

Kosumosu Escape

Hidden Gemstones - Horses 2

Meet My Valentine 2 - A Little More Love in Town Park

Will You Be My Valentine

Black and White Room Escape

Orange Puzzle Room Escape

The Destruction

Noname Room

Damnation: Doom Game ep1

Paying Back

More Beer

Kanji Escape 4

Kanji Escape 3

Jan's Room 2

EGL Tiny Bathroom Escape

Single Room Escape

Escape from Tyre Shop

Glue House Murders - Episode 1

Bucket Mouse Adventure

Smart Stick Adventure 2 1/2

Red Devil 3

ClickDragType 2

Click-Drag-Type 3

Hidden Conversation Hearts

Attic Jamaway

Ghost Motel 9

Little Dog Gone

Smart Stick Adventure 2

Click Drag Type

Griswold The Goblin

Save The Kiddo

Ghost Motel 11

PaperStick Adventures

Exploding Finger Man

Smart Stick Adventure 1

Red Devil RPG 1


Shape Escape

The Shopping Street

Professional Escapist: Rooftop Escape

Emma - It's Valentines Day

The Rite - Find the Numbers

Ghost Motel 10

Ghost Motel 7

Ghost Motel 8

Valentine's Day Escape

Hidden Stars-Valentines

EGL Gamers Room Escape

Ghost Motel 6

Leon And The Magic Sturgeon

The Legend Of Zelda: The Lampshade Of No Real Significance

Dizzy Newgrounds

Ghost Motel 5

Dickens' Last Adventure

Dickens' Second Adventure

The Dead Case

Dickens' First Adventure

Ghost Motel 4

The Dreadful Delivery

Ghost Motel 3

Cube Zero

Scooby-Doo and the Creepy Castle

Empty Room

Polar Rescue

How Safe Is Your House

Frankie Story 3

Ghost Motel 2

Helen's Return from Africa

Digital Bathroom Escape

Cinderella Escape

The Numbers Quiz


Cannibalon Carnage 2

South Pole Santa

Frankie Story

I Want To Enter

Treasure Hunt

Brain Hotel

The Package

Four Doors

Frankie Story 2

Lost 2

Ghost Motel 1

Nothing Stays Lost Forever

Living Room Puzzle

IndusValley - Hidden Treasure

How Do You Know - Find the Numbers

Dr. Dingle's Laboratory

iCubed 3x3 Game


Splinter Cell: Late Home

Grisha 5


The Adventure of Too

Final Exit

Cannibalon Carnage

Galle Tea Room Escape

STCC - Save The Cute Cat

Blood - The Last Vampire: Find the Alphabets

Hidden Numbers - Valentine Day

Hidden Objects-Party Hall

Dark Disharmony

Hidden Valentines Hearts

Hidden Numbers - Valentines Day

Yokuaru Escape

Snow White Escape

Cadet Escape

Space Station K3

One Wall Simple Escape 9

Inside Lock Escape

Valentines Day Hearts Search 2

Bangtal Gold Room Escape

Time Machine Escape

Dr. Mystery and Ninja Pug

Mini Tunnel Escape 2 remake

Teru teru bozu Doll's Dream Comes True