Justin Beaver

Sitting Room Escape

Music Room Escape

EGL Red Room Escape

Puzzle Room Escape 48

Escape from Bamboo Forest

Hidden Stars - Dragon

Grayscale Escape Series 6 - The Studio

Little Kitchen Puzzle

Color Fishes

The Recording Machine Escape

One Wall Simple Escape 8

Hidden Symbols-Despicable Me

Gazzyboy Lover Escape

Hidden Objects - Pink Room 2

Hidden Numbers Nature


Acid Lab Escape


Uninvited - The Quest for the Red Diamond

Little Fockers - Find the Alphabets

Cathy Cat

Evil House - Ooblue

Apprentice Sorcerer

La Pièce

Houdini 4 - Master Of The Extraordinary: The Chinese Water Torture

Vagrancy - Level 4

Grisha 3

Point and Click Adventure - A Remake of A Remake

Mind Maze

Vagrancy - Level 5

Grisha 4

Grisha 2

Hermie Heckles Fun House


Egypt Episode 2 - Pyramid Adventure

Loyal Slave

Houdini 3 - Master Of The Extraordinary: The Vampire's Crypt

Vagrancy - Level 3

Elegant Room Escape

Grisha 1

Vagrancy - Level 1

Bomb Room Escape

Cookery Escape

Hellgate Escape

Houdini 1 - Master Of The Extraordinary: The Temple Of The Serpent

Atlantis 2

Episode 1

One Wall Simple Escape 07

Belial Chapter 2.5

Ancestors Legacy

Dareka - Kitten Escape _ Dareka - Someone Opening

Toilet Quest

Room Escape V1

The Island: Stranded

Yizhi - Krdzd Escape

Locked Forever 4

B714 Escape aka Ray's Room 2

Fuja Do Quarto De Hotel - Escape From Hotel Room

Hidden Zebra

The Scarlet Room 2

Apartment Puzzle Escape

Beach Inn Escape

Hidden Stars-Fantasy Girls

The Three Thieves

Nice Puzzle Escape

Halo & Pixy

Puzzle Room Escape 47

Endless Dream Escape

EGL City Room Escape

Foreign Creature Puzzle

Gazzyboy Farm Escape

New Year Bash

Escape to the Home

Eddie's Lament

Mobai Room

Sig City

Enter To The House

Dehra Dun Tea Room Escape

One Wall Simple Escape 6

Hidden in Chemical Lab

Book Shelf Escape

Unearthly Medieval Room Escape

Site Map Escape

Hidden Gemstones 7

Yellow Puzzle Escape

Corridor 6

Hidden Dragon

Sara and the Sarcastic Creatures 3


AB Escape

Color Escape

Hidden Objects - My Toy Room

Fancy Puzzle Room

Escape to the Castle

Covert Front 3: night in Zurich

Covert Front; episode 2: station on the horizon

Covert Front Episode 1

Hidden Alphapets - Underwater

Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 8

Nightmare House

Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 4 - The Great Escape


Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 5 - Winter Games

Nevermore 2

Green Trapped

Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 6


Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 7

Gate To The Truth

Sneaky's Escape

Forbidden Military Base

Must Escape The Sewer


Miniquest - An Experimental Adventure in Flash

Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 1 - The Inauguration

Trapped Episode 2

Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 2 - The Award Ceremony

Resident Evil Escape

YHJ - Jail Escape

Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 3 - First Contact

Enschouse Game

Youngster Room Escape

Seashore Room Escape

Hidden Stars-Fairy Queen

Colliderix 2

Bake a Cake with Sartha Mewart

Locked Forever 3

Billy Bob Abduction

Escape 1

Aliens From Planet Dave

Amoadv - Locked out of the House

Freds Adventure

Lady Gaga Saw Game

One Scene Escape 3

Kids Room Flee

7th Door

Locked Forever 2

Dorfield's Scary Adventure

TCB Museum

IBM Developer Code 6

IBM Developer Code 5

Farmers House 7


House Haunted

Quest in the Dark

Mayan Mayhem: Episode 4 - Temple of Lost Souls

Johnny Rocketfingers 2

Horror on the High Seas: Episode 1 - The Ghost Pirate Attacks

Mob Payback


Horror on the High Seas: Episode 2 - Neptune's Nest

Overtime at Santa's Factory

Geek Quest

Horror on the High Seas: Episode 3 - Reef Relief

The Room 1

Horror on the High Seas: Episode 4 - Pirate Ship of Fools

Birth of Johnny Rocketfingers

Digs 1

IBM Developer Code 3

Samsung Superman Returns Challenge

Needless Prologue

Xmas Sneaking Battle

YGPS Room Escape - Orthodox Escape

The Goat in the Grey Fedora

Case of The Crabs

A Dream

Mayan Mayhem: Episode 1 - The River Rapids Rampage

Cybees Adventure

Madasafish Great Escape

Mayan Mayhem: Episode 3 - Terror In Tikal

Escape the Room Simulator

Solid Room Escape

Escape Blue Bathroom 3

Hidden Gemstones 6

Hidden Zombies

Small Office Escape

Escape from Oubliette

Drugs - Fiend

IBM Developer Code 1

The Jiken - The Case - The Incident

Gomicom Escape

Acaro 1

The P00p Adventure Part 1

The P00p Adventure Part 2

The P00p Adventure Part 3

Astro-Susi Saves the World

Gyser Borgen

Breakdown at Santa Land Christmas

The Escape

Salvador Dali


The Bonte Room 2

Tomb Escape

From Heaven to Hell - The Cries of Lost Souls 1

Sony Room

The Offical Keke Game

The Otakara Escape

Acaro 2

Gold Miners House 7

The Abandoned House

Green Puzzle Room

City Scan

Microcosmic Shooter

Inspector Wombat

The Black Room Escape

Steppenwolf 19 - The Chupakabra 3 aka The X-Creatures Project 19

LYR 1 - Leaving Your Room 1

Steppenwolf 20 - The Chupakabra 4 aka The X-Creatures Project 20

Leaving Your Room 2 - Revenge of the Keys

Steppenwolf 21 - The Heruka Pt.2 1 aka The X-Creatures Project 21

Steppenwolf 22 - The Heruka Pt.2 2 aka The X-Creatures Project 22

Steppenwolf 23 - The Heruka Pt.2 3 aka The X-Creatures Project 23

Steppenwolf 23 - The Heruka Pt.2 3 aka The X-Creatures Project 24

Nesquik Quest

Getting Out Escape

Pricilla Gone Missing

Sandwich Island

The Adventures Of Mr. Tumpkins

Beakins Great Mango Quest

The Phone

The Orb

The Big House - La Grande Maison

Slacker 2

B714 Escape aka Ray's Room 2

Steppenwolf 9 - The Heruka 1 aka Steppenwolf - The X-Creatures Project 9

Escape to Obion Episode 1 - Fire and Ice

Steppenwolf 10 - The Heruka 2 aka The X-Creatures Project 10

Steppenwolf 11 - The Heruka 3 aka The X-Creatures Project 11

Escape from Hotel Room Game

Steppenwolf 14 - The Kraken 2 aka The X-Creatures Project 14

Kao-Fu-Sen: Lost Head

Steppenwolf 15 - The Kraken 3 aka The X-Creatures Project 15

Steppenwolf 16 - The Kraken 4 aka The X-Creatures Project 16

Cross The Cliffs

Steppenwolf 17 - The Chupakabra 1 aka The X-Creatures Project 17

Dangerous Morning (Опасное утро)

The House

Darkness Escape Episode 1

Cavedudes Adventures

Jimmy The Flea

Darkness Escape Episode 2

Jack Glover Part 1

The Ambridge Mansion - Day 1

Panoramic 003 - Unfamiliar Room

New Year Escape

Steppen Wolf - Mokele Mbembe 1

Steppenwolf - Mokele Mbembe 2

Rent A Car

Steppenwolf - The X-Creatures Project 3

Steppenwolf - The X-Creatures Project 4

HJ Jail Escape 2 aka YHJ Adventure 4


Steppenwolf 5 - The Yeti 1 aka The X-Creatures Project 5

Steppenwolf 6 - The Yeti 2 aka The X-Creatures Project 6

Manev Stuck In The Desert

Steppenwolf 7 - The Yeti 3 aka The X-Creatures Project 7

Steppenwolf 8 - The Yeti 4 aka The X-Creatures Project 8

Firefly Shots 2


Bedroom Flee

Inherit Escape

Ex mortis

Tomb Of Doom

Ex mortis 2

AdventureX 2

Noob´s Room 2

Stickman Odo 1

The Esc - Escape 2

Alfa - Escape In To A World Of Colour

La Foire Aux Mysteres 1 - The Fairground of Mysteries 1

Stickman Jones

La Foire Aux Mysteres 2 - The Fairground of Mysteries 2

La Foire Aux Mysteres 3 - The Fairground of Mysteries 3

Birdway Adventure

Mystery of the Lost Tomb

Locked Forever

Death's Door - Monster

A La Recherche Du Chien Noir

Oriel's Adventures - 400 Years of Quebec Adventures

Cauchemars Les Aventures 1 - Nightmares The Adventures Episode 1

Cauchemars 3

Vacation House Escape

Mucha Lucha

Magneto Syndrome

Locked Office


The Box


IL Destino

Garfield - Scary Scavenger Hunt 2

Puzzled Escape Episode 2

The Cave

Puzzled Escape Episode 3

Hapland 2

Bliv Officer - Forsvarets Rekruttering

Hidden Objects-Kung Fu Panda

Click PLAY 3

Hidden Numbers Bats Home

Candy Find Escape

Blue House Hidden Objects

Random Escape Game

Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 2

Sabrina In North Pole

Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 3

Sal Del Cuarto

Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 4

Tower Escape

Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 6

Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 7

Rock The House

Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 8

Trapped Episode 1

Kongbai2000 Escape Game

Puzzled Escape Episode 1

Escape: The Room

The Garage Escape

Heaven's Key

Jigsaws Escape

Color Room

Scooby Doo 2 - Escape From The Coolsonian




Truelove Episode 1

Escape The Tower

True Love Episode 2

Ostrov - Escape The Island

La Luna Hotel

The Saw

Garfield - Scary Scavenger Hunt

Alien In The Room

Another Escape Game

Arcane - The Miller Estate 1

The Wand House

Arcane - The Miller Estate 3

Dailion Room

Arcane Season 1 - The Miller Estate Episode 4

Onamis 2006

Arcane Season 2 - The Stone Circle Episode 1

Graceful Living Room Escape

Escape The Restroom - WC Escape: Toilet Escape


Crimson Room

Noob's Room

Dr. Stanley's House

Viridian Room

The Doors

Jail Escape - Jail escape game

Cinderella - Stage 8 : Entreaty

White Chamber

Nightmare Escape

Get Out - One Simple Room

Swan's Room

Unplugged - The Game

The Fighter - Find the Numbers

FBI Refuge

EGL House Escape

Hidden Seahorse

Treasure Hunt - Caves

Kanji 2


Game 01 Numbers Searching

Game 02 Ball Searching Escape

Game 03 Coin Searching Escape

Rhosus games - Escape room games

Rhosus games - Rhosus game

Black and White Room Escape

Escape Blue Bathroom
Escape blue bathroom 2
Escape blue bathroom 3

1 Turkish Lira
Escape from the Deppo
Wooden House Escape
Escape from the Pi room
Escape the Purple Room Game
Escape from RHOSUS's Room
Escape From the Brown Room

Small Room : Complex Escape
Small Room; Complex Escape 2

Small Room : Simple Escape
Small Room ; Simple Escape 2
Small Room ; Simple Escape 3

IBM Developer Code 2

Hidden Objects Room 5

Alice in Wonderland - Find the Alphabets

Thorenzitha 8

Escape from the Hex Room

Pirates House 7

Yellow Kids Room

Tiny Studio Escape

Puzzle Room Escape - 46

Comfy Room Escape

Escape from the Room 105

Hidden Objects - Waste Recycler

Kangla Tea Room Escape

Chinese Secret Escape

Pick Room Escape

Friday Lounge Escape

Hidden Numbers - Hong Kong

Hidden Numbers - Beijing

Hidden Objects - Finding Nemo

Hidden Cuckoos

Escape From the Brown Room

Hidden Numbers - Batman

Sony Room 3

Sony Room 2

Johnny Finder 2

House Flee

Princess Escape – 2

Escape from Chit Chat Room

Treasure Hunt - Forest

House On Fire

The Antique Store

Rio Pink Escape Game

Rio Escape Game

Leprechauns House 7

Plain Escape

Hidden Magic Wand

Market Search

Happily Never After - Find the Numbers

Escape Saloon

The Tourist - Find the Alphabets

FHTH - From Heaven to Hell Chapter 1: The Cries of Lost Souls ( Home Alone)

Sony Room - Music Studio

Small Room Flee

Chicken House

Puzzle Room Escape 45

Hidden Stars - Anime Girl

Hidden Numbers - New Year 2011

Treasure Trash

Escape from Dining Room

Shady Old Room

Murder on the Moredie Express

Curious Case Of Lost Baggage