Jinx and Minx's Tower Escape

Gold Miners House 2

Safes Room Escape 2 Halloween

Gold Room Escape 6 - Halloween

One Scene Escape

Mary and Max - Spot the Difference Game

Halloween Spooky House Escape

Cinderella - Stage 7: Search

Cottage of Terror

Dark Realm

Mini Puzzle Escape

Halloween 2 - Find the Alphabets

Escape From Green Floor Room

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Spot the Differences - Streets Edition

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Leprechauns House 2

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SSSG - Escape Paradise

Halloween with Winnie

Thousand Dollar Soul

The Lab


Escape From Khafre Pyramid


Rebus 2

Turquoise Room Escape

Hidden Objects - Halloween

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Zojas Adventure

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Cannibal Casserole

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Birdish Petroleum

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Nicole Adventures in Mexico

Hidden Numbers by Night


Farmers House

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Mini Scientist

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Happy Halloween

2012 - Find the Numbers

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Hidden Mask

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