Treasure Hunter - 4

Luca House

Osironosiro Game 30

Toy Room 2


Find the Objects in Circus

Poverty Escape

Spot the Difference - 13

27 (Differences)

Alkirian 4 - The Ice Stone

Arrival in Hell


Escape the Nursery

Personal Shopper 4

Clouds 2

Eximious Chip Escape

Kaleidoscope´s Judgement Escape

Village Escape Part 4

Escape Game 2

Desperate Cell Escape


Toy Room

Easy Room Escape

Scribble Room

Find the Numbers - Challenge 29

Sacerdotes N Demonios

Little Cap Differences

Another Small Favor

Profesor X Y Z

Sunny Difference

99 Bricks The Legend of Garry

Wood Blocks Escape 2

Kill Time

Ice Room Escape

Andy - The Cave of Treasure

Dream Train

Spot the Difference - 12

Find the Objects in Theme Park

Demented Room Escape

Hospital Escape

Escape From Dungeon

Escape The Dentist


Ten Blue Dots

ICHO Chapter 4

Find the Numbers - Challenge 28

Haunt N Seek

Village Escape Part 3

Ying Yang Escape 4

Creepyville Hotel Escape


Simp Room Escape

Little Red Riding Hood

Escape from the Meeting Room

Find the Objects in Lathe Shop

Frog Escape 2


Hitstick 4

Wood Blocks Escape

Friskies Wonderland Quest

123Bee Panda Escape 2

Escape Game from Study Room

Find the Numbers - Challenge 27

The Walls Part 3

Friskies Wonderland Quest

Nail Vanish Escape

Allied Escape

Cash Expert

Star Escape

Antique Room Escape

Haven: The Hospital

Find the Difference - 23

Replay Octopussie Escape

Ying Yang Escape 3

Find the Objects in Furniture Shop

Escape the Convenience Store

Crime Evidence - 4

Sekiz Chapter 2

Moonlight Lavoratory

Spider Buster: Episode 1

Zodiac Escape

Find the Numbers Challenge 26

Amnesia 2

Escape the Cocoon

Nokosareta Mono

Escape The Riddle Tower


Clock Room Escape - 2

Baby Bird 2

Jack French 2 - The Good Dr. Ferrer

Jack French 1: All Roads Lead To Paradise

Agent Scarecrow 2

Boxed Inn: Panic Room

Strawberry Cafe Escape

Escape World Chapter 3 – Dining Room

Click Pixel

Phantasy Quest

Phantasy Quest II

Spot the Difference - 11

Strange World 2

Scooby Doo and the Creepy Castle

Escape The Crocs